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The main names that I am researching appear in the index above. A complete listing of all the surnames included on this site is given below:

Blackmore, Collacott, Cook, Davies, Dingley, Ebsworthy, Galway, Gay, Gribble, Hamlyn, Hannan, Hill, Hutchings, Isaac, Ivey, James, Murfin, Oliver, Penhorwood, Phillips, Sherborne, Simons, Shutt, Smith, Whitefield.


Oliver and James (South Pembrokeshire)

My Great Grandfather William OLIVER  (1856-1902) was a blacksmith who left Pembrokeshire to seek work at Chatham dockyard in Kent. His father also called William OLIVER (1825-1897) worked as a blacksmith at Pearson smithy  in South Pembrokeshire. The smithy was in ruins at the turn of the century but the present owner of Pearson Farm has re-roofed it and it is now used as a storage shed. The remains of the cottage associated with the smithy were overgrown with vegetation when I visited the site in 1997. According to information I have received from Patrick James it is likely that the Oliver's were endemic to Little Haven in Pembrokeshire or close by certainly to the Tudor period.

My Great Great Grandmother was Frances JAMES (1831-1901). Patrick has carried out an extensive study on the James' and their relatives in West Wales. He reports that as a group James' appear from South Cardigan across the St. David's peninsular. The family legend is decent from a Scots gardener belonging to Lord Cardigan.

A summary of the research completed to date is given here.


Penhorwood (Devon)

My mothers middle name is Penhorwood an old family name which has been traced back to the 1600s by my second cousin, Diana P Enser. Early Penhorwood's come from the Great Torrington / Little Torrington area of Devon. My Great Grandmother Rhoda Peternell Penhorwood SHUTT  (1864-1941) married William OLIVER (1856-1902) in 1888 at St. Marks Church, Gillingham, Kent.

A summary of the research completed to date is given here.


Hamlyn (Devon)

My Grandfather Walter HAMLYN (1898-1987) was born in Gillingham, Kent and like his father worked as a shipwright. He later moved to the Bideford area of Devon. Thanks to information received from Andrew Hamlyn earlier Hamlyn's have also been traced to Devon. William Frederick HAMLYN (b1853) was born in Bideford and his grandfather, William HAMLYN (b1792), was born in Clovelly. Alice Louisa HANNAN came from Queenstown, Ireland and probably married William Frederick HAMLYN (b1853) in Ireland. I can find no record of them on the 1881 census and assume that they were still living in Ireland at this time. Andrew Hamlyn with help from his wife, Celia, and his father, Denis, have traced the family tree back to the marriage between Thomas HAMLYN and Dina WHITEFIELD in 1716. They suspect that Thomas is descended from William Hamlyn the elder of Woolfardisworthy (b1579) who in turn is distantly related to a Richard Hamlyn (c1219) said to be a 5th generation descendent of Hameline de Ballon, a knight mentioned in William the Conqueror's battle rolls.

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Further information about the origin of Hamlyn and related names can be obtained from the

Hamley/Hambly/Hamlyn one-name study group.

A summary of the research completed to date is given here.


Smith (Cheshire)

My Great Grandfather, Herbert SMITH (1863-1938) was a Company Sergeant-Major in the Royal Artillery and for several years was based abroad, first in Malta and then Gibraltar. According to the 1881 census his father, John SMITH, was born in 1824 at Ringway, Cheshire.

A summary of the research completed to date is given here.

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