These pages are copyrighted by Paul F Hamlyn, all rights reserved, on behalf of the NWFG. In addition, the drawings are copyrighted by Bess Harthan and are used here with her permission. The original pictures have been bequeathed to Liverpool Museum.


In order to retain the fine detail of the original pictures these images have not been reduced to fit onto a standard Web Page. For further details about Bess Harthan please visit the following page which includes information about the historical development of the NWFG and a page maintained by our recorder John Taylor on Bess Harthan's Records of Fungi.

[Geastrum triplex] Geastrum triplex, October 1958.  Click here to view (Size = 128K)
[Ergot] Ergot on grasses, October 1963.  Click here to view (Size = 123K)
[Ascobolus glaber] Ascobolus glaber, March 1965.  Click here to view (Size = 156K)
[Oudemansiella radicata] Oudemansiella radicata, September 1965.  Click here to view (Size = 198K)
[Paxina acetabulum] Paxina acetabulum, May 1966.  Click here to view (Size = 78K)
[Coprinus atramentarius] Coprinus atramentarius, September 1991.  Click here to view (Size = 20K)

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