Protoplast fusion and genetic analysis    
in Cephalosporium acremonium   


TABLE  5.25  Linkage groups in Cephalosporium acremonium


I leu-1
II met-1, pyt-1
III red-1, his-1, ino-1
IV arg-2
V arg-1
VI azu-1, lys-1
VII mor-1
VIII ane-5, ben-1

Note: Various crosses using mutant and recombinant strains were carried out to obtain the linkage information given above. A complete list of strains together with the University of Nottingham culture collection numbers is given in Table 5.1. The mutant strains were derived from M-8650, which in turn was derived from the Brotzu isolate (Fig. 5.1). Mutant strains were selected following treatment with far ultra-violet radiation except for azu-1, ben-1 and pyt-2 which were recovered as spontaneous mutations.

TABLE  5.1  List of mutant and recombinant strains of C. acremonium


Strain genotype* Code** Comments

M-8650 20-1
ane-5,ino-1 20-8
ane-5,leu-2 20-9
azu-1,arg-1,mor-1,leu-1,red-1 20-2 Obtained from Glaxochem
azu-1,arg-1,mor-1,leu-1,red-1,pyt-1 20-3
azu-1,arg-1,mor-1,leu-1,red-1,pyt-1,ben-1 20-4
azu-1,arg-2,met-1 20-5 Obtained from Glaxochem
lys-1,arg-6 20-11
lys-1,arg-6,pyt-2,leu-3 20-12
lys-1,his-1 20-14
lys-1,phe-1 20-13
red-1,arg-2,pyt-1 20-16 Recombinant from cross G5
red-1,ino-1,azu-1,ben-1 20-19 Recombinant from cross G6
red-1,lys-1,pyt-1 20-15 Recombinant from cross G1
arg-1,his-1,azu-1 20-17 Recombinant from cross G1
arg-1,ino-1,azu-1,ben-1,pyt-1,mor-1 20-18 Recombinant from cross G3
ino-1,leu-1,ben-1,mor-1 20-20 Recombinant from cross G3

  *Allele symbols are defined in Table 2.2
**University of Nottingham, Botany Department culture collection number

FIGURE 5.1  Genealogy of strains derived from the Brotzu isolate


Cephalosporium acremonium (Brotzu isolate)
   (IMI 49,137 = ATCC 11,550)

*Carried out at the Medical Research Council, Clevedon, England for improved production
  of cephalosporin C

TABLE 2.2  Allele symbols used in this thesis




ane requirement for aneurin
arg requirement for arginine
azu resistance to 6-azauracil (500 g ml-1)
ben resistance to benlate (2.5 g ml-1)
his requirement for histidine
ile requirement for isoleucine
ino requirement for inositol
leu requirement for leucine
lys requirement for lysine
met requirement for methionine
mor abnormal colony morphology
phe requirement for phenylalanine
pyt resistance to pyrithiamine (10 g ml-1)
red red mycelial pigment (light dependent)
trp requirement for tryptophan


  Copyright 1982  Paul F Hamlyn  

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